Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rocky & CeCe Tracker

STATUS: offline
SERVER: tracking
ROOM: tracking

Rocky and CeCe
Rocky Playercard.pngCeCe Playercard.png

How to Find Them:
-Rocky is an aqua penguin with a brown wig, a black vest with a striped shirt, a pink skirt, and black shoes
-Cece is a yellow penguin with orange hair, a grey vest with a t-shirt underneath, red pants, and grey sneakers
-They are always together-they are best friends
-Keep refreshing this page for accuracy
-The tracker is updated manually whenever Flash8910/Sherbert3210 are online
-Check the VIP room, nightclub, and rooftop first
-They will always be crowded
-Check 4-5 bar servers during the peak hours of the day
-Check other languages too
-When you do find them, add them and tell the chat immediately
-Have fun!

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