Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Party Cheat

Hi Everyone, IT'S HALLOWEEN!!!!
That means it is also time for some cheats!
Let's Start with the Scavenger Hunt! Every penguin has a book in the top right of their screen.
Click it!
Here are the ghosts' locations:
  1. Cove
  2. Haunted House
  3. Mine (Outside)
  4. Ski Village
  5. Ski Hill
  6. The Forest
  7. The Beach
  8. The Dock

Now, you will win a new background!
Next, let's go to the Dark Chamber! Head to the forest, and go down the path that says Dark Chamber.
In this party room, you will see some rocks blocking the door. In order to pass, you have to play some music on the organ. Each rock will poof out a different color, and you must hit the matching color on the organ. Think of it like the game Simon.
Now, enter the door.
Here, we have The Dark Chamber maze, but it is too dark to see anything!! To get past the maze, go and get a free storm lantern. But if you have a flashlight, or night vision goggles(best choice), you can use those too. I'll use night vision goggles.
Follow the path
Second Maze!
Now you are in Gary's secret lab! (Gary likes to come here...)
Walk over and you can get a slime monster costume,
or you can click on the green sheet of paper/wood/thing to get a monster-maker catalog! You make your own costume with this!
(There ARE secrets to this catalog! Head over to catalog secrets to see them!)
Now you are ready to go trick or treating in the  Snow Forts! Go get candy!
Or you can go to Lighthouse/Nightclub Lounge/Coffee Shop to watch NIGHT OF THE LIVING SLED!
Or you can BE in the movie, by heading over to the stage and perform the play yourself!

Don't forget to make your houses a Halloween theme and enter them in the Igloo Contest for your chance to win 50,000 coins!! (One winner of the contest will featured on the Igloo of the Month page here).

Also, on October 24th is Club Penguin's 6th Anniversary Party, more info coming soon...
Well that's all the Secrets! Have a Happy Halloween!!

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