Thursday, March 15, 2012

Puffle Party 2012

Hey ppl! The puffle party is here! First of all go to the ski village. Then go to the puffle show.

You can get a free party hat :) and put your puffle in a race.
Now go back to the ski village and go to the Puffle Play Zone. First get a free hat for your puffle, then click the catalog at the bottom right corner to buy a jumbo puffle costume.Cute right?
Then go in this tunnel
Pick a puffle then, Boom! You're a Puffle! In the puffle play room you can go in the Relax-a-tron, get a facial, or hang out.
So cute! There aren't any free items but you can always enjoy being a puffle even out of this 
Have fun Puffles!


MyDottie CP said...

@ Flash & Sherbert. If you need a picture of PH on the island you can use any of mine.

My Dottie

Flash8910 said...

@ Don't worry, we've got it covered

Pingu Pingey said...

Hi I'm Pingu Pingey!

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