Friday, February 24, 2012

Rockhopper's Quest Tutorial and Movie UPDATE

Yarr! It's time for the party we've been promised, Rockhopper's Quest! Let's start right away by heading to the beach.
First, before you set sail, take a sailor hat at your right.
Now head to the Migrator. You will be visited by Rockhopper. Listen to his instructions.
Wow look at the ship! But just how do you make it sail? Look no further, I will show you. I have color-coded the ship for you.
-To raise anchor, stand on the Square with GREEN and the square with RED, and hit those targets with snowballs.
-To turbo boost the ship, stand on the square with BLUE and hit the BLUE target.
-To make the ship sail, stand on the ORANGE square, and where a target should be, a bowl-like thing will open up. Throw snowballs there. 
Great! Now we are at the Swashbuckler Trading Post. This place looks pretty nice! You can buy some new pirate clothes here. And sorry, my non-member friends, I think these are Member-Only clothes.
Now before we go, look above the sign where it says SALE. Do you see some parts for the Beacon? Grab them, then head back to the ship.
Remember how I told you to sail before, do it again. After a little while, we will land on Dinosaur Island. Here we need to find a shiny ruby.
There is another shop here, take a look at it if you want. Do you see the Ruby?
Do not go in the cave, it's a trap, instead, you can click it from a safe distance away. Now we have to head back to the ship, and set sail.
We have landed on Shipwreck Island! Here, you will have to build a beacon. Keep in mind that the beacon should look like this:
This place is kind of fancy to be called Shipwreck Island, don't you think?
Now head to the cave that is glowing bright teal. 
Yes, it is a Viking Cave. There are some free viking items in the treasure chest too. But what do you do now? 
Nothing here, exit the cave. Now it is time to build the Beacon.
Click the materials 3 times to build it. You will now get a new pin. And the Beacon is done! Go tell Rockhopper!
Look toward the top of the ship. It is a map that can teleport you to any island.
Welcome back to Club Penguin! It will be hard to track/find Rockhopper, don't you agree?

Before I go, I have an announcement. My friends over at My Dottie's World have finished making their very first movie! While I have made them a picture, they did all the voice acting, filming, and editing!
Support them by visiting their Youtube Channel! Like my picture?

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